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Love’s Links – Episode 37 – Social CRM

Okay, I confess. I got busy with other things and didn’t find the time to update the links. But since a number of you have asked, it’s back. Love’s Links will summarize the shows and put the links out for you. We’ll also be working on the blog over the summer to bring it up to speed.

The links tonight?

Here’s our gift to you – by special arrangement with the Cutter Group, we are able to provide you with a free copy of Jim’s research report, Zen and the Art of Social CRM. – Jim’s company – Owned by Chelsea – this is the CRM and Social Media arm of Chelsea Consulting – Jim writes for this blog


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Podposter – Way cool!


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Love’s Links – Episode 30 – Jim Hirshfield and Tynt

Janet’s post was on LazyFeed – a new way to monitor what’s happening and

And the Facebook killer diaspora

Our guest was Jim Hirshfield from

You have to look at Tynt.  If you have a website and don’t have Tynt running, shame on you.  For every social media action (a tweet or blog mention) there are 50 cut and paste actions.

The software puts a back link on anything that is copied from your site, giving you credit and a link anytime people use your content.  500,000 web sites are running the Tynt scripts. is a community that welcomes micro-bloggers and mobile communities.  One of 5 mobile startups to watch in 2010 according to PC World.

QR Codes?

Google Goggles allows you to read UPC codes and find the info online?

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Love’s Links – Episode 28 John O’Brien and Twapper Keeper

Janet’s discussion led us to the world of Facebook and our guest added this link noted how hobbies and favourites are now connected to pages in Facebook.

Tonight’s guest was John O’Brien, inventor of Twapper Keeper

John can be found at @jobrienniii

John gave us this interesting anatomy of a tweet

He also mentioned a couple of collective purchasing sites including Groupon and twangu (which is offline at this time)

Please let me know if I missed anything — leave us a note or comment, please.

For those who have asked, you can get Janet’s two books on   Social Media Success and Social Media Nonprofit

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Love’s Links Late – Episode 26 Mark Stanley, Pulitzer Center

Janet’s tech talk this week was on Google Search Stories

Our guest was Mark Stanley from the Pullitzer Center.  @PullitzerCenter and @dailydish are two twitter accounts worth following.

He also mentioned where he goes to keep up besides his own site –  dotspots was one he mentioned.

Did I miss any?  Drop me a note by commenting on this post.

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Episode 24 – Chistian Malipeli, and

We looked at a new development in mash ups meets social media with our own Allan Hoving’s

Christian Malpeli from was our guest tonight.
Podcast directory

Some of Christian’s favourite podcasts (you can find these on are

  • Winecast
  • Diggnation
  • Photoshop TV

We started out with a discussion of an editorial in the Wall Street Journal which talked about the Search for Serendipity by L. Gordon Crovitz.

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Love’s Links – Episode 22 with Susan Tenby, Tech Soup & Non-Profits In Second Life

Janet’s pick for this week was stik The site titles itself as “Never Buy from a Stranger Again”   I put two profiles in and I’ll let you know if I get any results.   Great discussion on privacy issues and how pushy to be in social media.

Our guest on the program was Susan Tenby from Tech Soup.  Her mission is to help non-profits “get” technology.   Not for profits – if you aren’t checking out this site, you should be.

We spent a great deal of the program talking about non-profits in Second Life.  The site NPSL:  Nonprofits in Second Life is a wealth of information on this topic.    Susan’s twitter id is @suzboop  and her Second Life  avatar name is Glitteractica Cookie – a creative and humorous monicker that got her featured on the Tonight Show.  (Hey, John – my Twitter account is the therealjimlove — doesn’t that rate a small giggle?  Of course it doesn’t match Allan’s avatar name – Naimya Price   — groan!)

There were a lot of links mentioned.  I’ll pick through my notes today, but if anyone out there wants to leave a comment with some of the links, that would be marvelous!

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Love’s Links – Episode 20 featuring Dave Howlett – Real Human Being!

Janet Fouts brought us two interesting polling/sampling tools. is a survey tool that lets you ask 4 questions.  There’s a free and a premium version.  Jim got great results from the free version, but the paid version gave results in minutes.

The second items was Amplicate allows a binary choice.  It will tell you whether people think something is positive or negative.  It’s simple and brutal.  Things “rock” or they “suck”.   Janet made the point that this is great for watching trending, so take a look at that.

Our guest was Dave Howlett RHB, the founder and managing director of Real Human Being Incorporated.    If you want to find out more about Dave, check out his website at

Dave mentioned Daniel Pink and I wrote him back to see if this was the same author he mentioned.  I was sent this link by Bob McCulloch, an incredible consultant and an example of someone who is what Dave would call an RHB.  He sends out the most thoughtful links to people and we all look forward to them.  Great third gear behaviour.

Missed the show?  Hey, don’t fret.  You can:

-download it from the site at

– or if you are into iTunes just go to the iTunes store and search Podcasts for GameChanging.  It’s free.  And although we’d love you to leave a review at iTunes, don’t feel you are thanking us.  Just think about how you can help other people find good content.   Third gear.

Thanks Dave!

See you next week at 8 pm ET/5 pm Pacific for another episode of GameChanging

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Love’s Links – Episode 19

Our topic was Google Buzz.  No real links to share on this one.  But check it out in your gmail account.

David Bain from Viral Media Productions was our guest. He has introduced a product called VeraVid which sends personal videos through email as a way of reaching an audience.  Fabulous idea — relisten to the podcast if you missed this as David explains the power of this and how it works.  Or check out the Viral Media website at

See you next week!

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Love’s Links – Episode 18

Janet’s pick of the week was a This intriguing site has a complete list of almost every twitter related application you could mention.  It’s beautifully laid out, great index and it even gives ratings to each one.  You have to see it to believe it.

Adam Herman was our guest tonight.  SVP of Barkley Advertising – the largest advertising agency in Kansas. Adam made some great observations in tonight’s show.  Including:

  • Digital engagement is the real game changer in media and advertising.
  • CRM is a new discipline in media and advertising.  It’s long been part of the direct marketing world.
  • Measurement is a two edged sword.  Just because it CAN be measured, doesn’t mean it SHOULD be.

His predictions for where things are going in the future:

  • Local search will explode
  • Most searches will be done from your phone
  • Augmented reality will grow in importance
  • Apps aren’t about the 99 cents – they offer a new way of engaging your customers whenever, wherever THEY want.
  • A new discipline – branding in 2 sentences

To catch the whole show go to and download tonight’s episode.  If you are on iTunes, just search podcasts for GameChanging and subscribe if you want the show delivered weekly.   Please take a minute to rate the show when you are there!

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