we like to play the Innovation card

About Us


Jim Love is the CEO of Chelsea Consulting, a strategic IT and Business consulting company headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Equally at home in both strategic business and technology, Jim has served clients ranging from large international firms to exciting entrepreneurial startups. He writes for publications like the Cutter Journal of IT, is a sought-after speaker and a part-time professor at the University of Waterloo in the Master’s program at the Centre for Business Entrepreneurship and Technology (CBET). Through his worldwide (and increasingly virtual) practice, Jim helps organizations leverage technology, people and processes to achieve outstanding business results.

Janet FoutsJanet Fouts is a social media coach and speaker, founder of the Social Media Coaching Center and author of Social Media Success!.  She’s been working in online marketing and community for over 13 years and she is the senior partner at Tatu Digital Media, a web design and development company in San Jose Ca. In her coaching practice Janet does one on one and team training to help people understand how to use social media effectively and efficiently.


Allan Hoving’s mantra is Return on Innovation. He migrated to the Web from magazine publishing a decade ago and has worked with Google, Microsoft, Rolling Stone, New York Magazine, Mediapost, and others. Allan founded; is his current Master’s project at Quinnipiac University. Through his New York area consultancy, Allan helps clients leverage online communities and social media to achieve business goals.


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