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Love’s Links – Episode 30 – Jim Hirshfield and Tynt

Janet’s post was on LazyFeed – a new way to monitor what’s happening and

And the Facebook killer diaspora

Our guest was Jim Hirshfield from

You have to look at Tynt.  If you have a website and don’t have Tynt running, shame on you.  For every social media action (a tweet or blog mention) there are 50 cut and paste actions.

The software puts a back link on anything that is copied from your site, giving you credit and a link anytime people use your content.  500,000 web sites are running the Tynt scripts. is a community that welcomes micro-bloggers and mobile communities.  One of 5 mobile startups to watch in 2010 according to PC World.

QR Codes?

Google Goggles allows you to read UPC codes and find the info online?


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