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Love’s Links – Episode 22 with Susan Tenby, Tech Soup & Non-Profits In Second Life

Janet’s pick for this week was stik The site titles itself as “Never Buy from a Stranger Again”   I put two profiles in and I’ll let you know if I get any results.   Great discussion on privacy issues and how pushy to be in social media.

Our guest on the program was Susan Tenby from Tech Soup.  Her mission is to help non-profits “get” technology.   Not for profits – if you aren’t checking out this site, you should be.

We spent a great deal of the program talking about non-profits in Second Life.  The site NPSL:  Nonprofits in Second Life is a wealth of information on this topic.    Susan’s twitter id is @suzboop  and her Second Life  avatar name is Glitteractica Cookie – a creative and humorous monicker that got her featured on the Tonight Show.  (Hey, John – my Twitter account is the therealjimlove — doesn’t that rate a small giggle?  Of course it doesn’t match Allan’s avatar name – Naimya Price   — groan!)

There were a lot of links mentioned.  I’ll pick through my notes today, but if anyone out there wants to leave a comment with some of the links, that would be marvelous!


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