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Love’s Links – Episode 20 featuring Dave Howlett – Real Human Being!

Janet Fouts brought us two interesting polling/sampling tools. is a survey tool that lets you ask 4 questions.  There’s a free and a premium version.  Jim got great results from the free version, but the paid version gave results in minutes.

The second items was Amplicate allows a binary choice.  It will tell you whether people think something is positive or negative.  It’s simple and brutal.  Things “rock” or they “suck”.   Janet made the point that this is great for watching trending, so take a look at that.

Our guest was Dave Howlett RHB, the founder and managing director of Real Human Being Incorporated.    If you want to find out more about Dave, check out his website at

Dave mentioned Daniel Pink and I wrote him back to see if this was the same author he mentioned.  I was sent this link by Bob McCulloch, an incredible consultant and an example of someone who is what Dave would call an RHB.  He sends out the most thoughtful links to people and we all look forward to them.  Great third gear behaviour.

Missed the show?  Hey, don’t fret.  You can:

-download it from the site at

– or if you are into iTunes just go to the iTunes store and search Podcasts for GameChanging.  It’s free.  And although we’d love you to leave a review at iTunes, don’t feel you are thanking us.  Just think about how you can help other people find good content.   Third gear.

Thanks Dave!

See you next week at 8 pm ET/5 pm Pacific for another episode of GameChanging


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  1. Hey Jim – MJ here from the other night. Great show and nice to see that you have posted all RHB things with Dave Howlett. Well done!

    Comment by Mischa | March 11, 2010 | Reply

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