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Love’s Links – Episode 17 Chuck Hester and “the Buzz”

Okay – anyone out there who was surprised by Janet Fouts’  “Game Changer of the Week?”   If you listened you know it was Google’s launch of Buzz.

Chuck Hester joined us as a guest on the show and gave some great info on how to use Linked In more effectively.  Here’s a couple of things that I picked up from him.

  • Never use the pre-formatted note that Linked In provides.   Customize it.  Chuck is really nice about this.  He sends you back a note with his contact details and asks you to look at them and figure out why you want to link up with him.  Others might not be so nice.
  • Chuck doesn’t have a paid subscription to what he calls the “only CRM he needs”.
  • He uses notes in Linked In
  • Chuck also uses a software called iContact and he exports his contacts from Linked In and sends notices out to them.  His tip on this was to always include a line at the top that says, “You are getting this message because we are connected on Linked In.  If you don’t want to receive messages like this, please let me know right away.”  And of course, there is a facility to unsubscribe.
  • He talked a lot about using other ways to contact people.   Use the telephone.  Meet in person.  In fact, Chuck is famous for starting something he calls “Linked In Live” where people who have met on Linked In actually meet in large live gatherings.
  • Chuck also uses Skype and Google Wave to communicate, coordinate and keep in touch.

You can contact Chuck at You can find his book Linking In To Pay It Forward on his website.

His Twitter id is @chuckhester

And on Linked In he’s — you guessed it,  ChuckHester But don’t send him the “boiler plate” email!
See you next week at at 5 pm Pacific/8 pm ET every Monday night.  You can get past episodes at this link or just search GameChanging on iTunes for our podcast.  If you do, please leave a review and let us know what you think!


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