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Love’s Links – Episode 16 – Jane Friedman, Writer’s Digest and

Janet Fouts looks at tinychat – a light little app that needs no client download.  It has a screen sharing feature, can use web cam for a video conference and it even does chat:-)

Janet also mentioned which runs on the iPhone and can allow you to do 5 minute screen casts from your phone. Check out my demo.

Our guest Jane Friedman, editor of Writer’s Digest (not the former Harper’s Collins publisher).   Her blog is called No Rules.

Publishing books that no-one else sells, leverages enthusiastic communities.   F&W has many different interest areas, writers are just one of them.

A key to their success is the contests and other ways they build a writer’s community and help facilitate things that meet writers needs.

80% of Americans have a “book inside them”.

Janet asked about real writers who blog.  Margaret Atwood has a blog….

Amazon, Google and Apple – – these are the three forces in the future of publishing.

Jane on “writing on line” – you have to be much “punchier” writing on line.  You need visual breaks.   Much more sound byte driven.
She suggests and as great places to go to find out more about how to do this.

Great show….

If you missed it, it will be available on the show site in a few minutes – or go to iTunes and search for GameChanging.   And if you go to iTunes — leave a comment or a review — puhleeeeze?

Love to hear your comments on the show or on any of the links we post.

From Janet, Allan and me —  see you next week, every Monday night at 8 pm ET/5 pm Pacific on Game Changing.


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