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Love’s Links – Local Motors and Cause World – Wow! Episode 13 Rocked

Not that the all aren’t good.  And if you are listening, there were some technical issues.  Episode 13?  Technical issues?  Hmmmmm..

Anyway, these fade away quite quickly into an astonishing show.

Janet let with a piece on Cause World.  You have to check this out.  It’s allows large companies make contributions to charities and for the average person or customer to choose where it goes.  Citi and Kraft Foods are the first two sponsors.  Congrats to them.

Our guest was John (Jay) Rogers from Local Motors.  Have you ever wished that ou could prove that local enterprises can work?  Or that manufacturing — even of cars can be environmentally sound and sustainable?  Or do you simply wish that there was a better way to engage our customers and employees?  Do you think that open source principles only apply to software?    Prepare to be amazed.

All that and — get this — the HOTTEST car designs you are going to see.  Look at their site.  It’s to drive for.
That’s it.  Two links. No waiting.  But check them both out.

See you next week.


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