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Crowd-sourcing Automotive Design with Local Motors

This weeks show features Jay Rogers from Local Motors, an innovate car company that not only crowd-sources design but lets the buyers of the car take part in the build process!

When Jay Rogers was deployed as a marine in Iraq he was inspired  to create an environmentally focused car company that offers not just better mileage, but a more efficient process start to finish.

Local Motors uses crowd-sourcing design techniques and production is done in “micro-factories” where prospective owners can watch or even participate in the process of building their car. According to the site, no matter what your skill level the program is customized to give you a hand in building your own car. And what a car! Hear from Sangho Kim, the first winning designer as well as see some of the concept designs proposed.

Tune into Gamechanging every week for news about people and businesses who are changing the future right now. Here’s a link to the show with Jay Rogers which airs at 5 PM PST or 8 PM EST every Monday night. Replays of the show are available just minutes after it’s over, so if you miss it, come back and tune in!


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