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Love’s Links – January 4, 2010 Social Media Strategy and Measurement Tools

Great show.  Janet Fouts was our guest and Catharine P. Taylor returned (welcome back, Cathy)

In our panel discussion Catharine talked about the top 20 social media stories of 2009 on Capital Gig

Jim picked the video United Breaks Guitars from the Sons of Maxwell.  Over 7 million people have seen it already.  Two points, however:

Catharine pointed out that they way the Sons of Maxwell made their point – not yelling, but calmly and with grace and humour were part of what made it powerful.  Jim point out that it was a great example of a harnessing the inner anger that we all at lousy service where a company makes us feel helpless.  Companies who ignore this do so at their peril.

Second point – we all wonder at how to value social media.  You have to ask what 7 million negative impressions of United Airlines are worth?  (Hint – more than the guitar they broke!)

And our main attraction – Janet Fouts on Social Media Strategy

Here’s my takeaways from Janet’s interview:

  • You need to set clear, measurable goals.
  • A social media strategy  needs the right resources.  If you are going to turn it over to the most junior person in the company then you are making a big mistake.
  • I wrote down three important secrets of social media success according to Janet – Listen. Listen. Listen.  “You listen to your customers when you are doing strategy.  Why not do the same with social media strategy?”
  • Hiring a consultant? Janet recommends that you ask them, what they have done.  If they make extraordinary claims, be suspicious and ask for references.
  • Janet calls herself a Coach to emphasize that she’s there to help you get results.  Jim (a career consultant and a Fellow in the Canadian institute – CMC Canada – which is part of the international association of certified consultants) pointed out that reputable consultants are concerned with implementation.
  • Which department should be in charge of the social media strategy?  There were pros and cons for each.  It really is a cross-functional project.  Maybe that’s why you need an objective outside coach or consultant.

Janet’s talk I was reminded of what a friend of mine, CEO John Cimral always said to his staff.  Have fun.  Act ethically.  Make money.

What did YOU take away?  Share!  Please.

For more info on Janet, check out and/or pick up a copy of her book Social Media Success

Tools and links that Janet and the panel recommended.  They were coming fast and furious.  I hope I didn’t miss any, but here goes.

Measurement tools:

  • Trendrr is a tool which allows you to track the popularity and awareness of trends.  It’s a freemium model. Some is free and some requires subscription.
  • Trackur lists itself as a 60 Second Reputation Monitoring tool. It’s a paid service but has a free trial which does NOT require a credit card.   They have plans that start at $18.00  a month.  Trackur explores more than just Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.  Might be worth checking out the free trial at least.
  • SM2 another freemium model but with a free evaluation version lists as a software solution to monitor and measure social media.
  • Radian6 has a blue chip customer list of companies that are powerhouses in marketing.  They might not be the cheapest option, but they are the gold standard to many companies.   And speaking of gold, their site is a goldmine of information.   It’s a real lesson in how to get people to spend time at your site.  Judging from the way they watch their own reputation on the web they are worth looking at.  (see comment below and my post above…and for those who are wondering, I corrected the error and that’s why it no longer appears – Jim)

Other ways to monitor:

  • NutshellMail which we featured on an earlier episode is a fabulous, free way to consolidate and monitor all your social media feeds.  Jim uses this to monitor his social media traffic because it sends you a single consolidated email at specific times in the day – instead of a constant addiction to checking, you get a regular summary.  A real productivity booster!
  • Social Mention is a tool that Janet mentioned that she starts everyone out on.  I checked it out after the show – stop and do a couple of searches.  Take a look at the responses and the left hand side where the analytics reside

Other analytics:

Twitalytics is a blog which discusses analytics and twitter.  Doh! I guess that’s where the title comes from. which we all know as a url shortener – if you put a + sign after the link shows you stats on that link.

tweetlevel is the one that Jim mentioned.  It claims to measure your influence, popularity, engagement and trust. Warning!  Do not do this if you have a fragile ego.  The results can be harsh.  But the score is not the issue.  It gives you some dimensions to work on, some tips to do this and a way of measuring your progress.  Try it and give us a comment on this one.

Did I miss any?  Your favourites?  Others we should add?  Leave a comment.  Please.  I get so lonely.
Seeya next week.


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  1. We appreciate the shout out as a potential tool. Actually, all of our pricing info may be found on our FAQ page on site:

    Happy to answer any questions!

    Lauren Vargas
    Community Manager at Radian6

    Comment by Lauren Vargas | January 5, 2010 | Reply

  2. Thanks for adding the links Jim, as always you’re right on top of it!

    Comment by tatudigital | January 6, 2010 | Reply

  3. […] links and some tips on Social Media Strategy – check out this blog entry called “Love’s Links” which has the links from our show of January 4th where we discussed Social Media Strategy.  […]

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