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Game Changers of 2010 – Our First Annual Survey

What are the top 3 “game changers” of the past year? We’d love to get your opinion. Give us your vote. Give us your comments by clicking on the link below to take you to our first annual Game Changers survey.

Game Changers of 2010 – Pick Your Top 3


December 28, 2009 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. 3 of the top game changers from my perspective are:

    1. Proliferation of social media noise and spam – while social media has been valuable to many organizations, breaking news stories, and online visibility the level of poor quality content and sales pitches have risen exponentially at the same time. This has made success increasingly difficult for social media users as our inboxes and online options are filled with competing gems and garbage.

    2. Lack of widespread social media results – I’ve reviewed over 500 professionals and businesses and found that 90% of organizations are failing to generate results that meet ROI expectations. 2009 marked a lot of businesses being busy with social media but not necessarily being effective. Effectiveness is based on the individual organization’s measurement of new customer growth, retention, public relations, brand perception etc. In many cases due to a lack of bench marking prior to social media program launching many companies have not been able to demonstrate a return for the resources employed. However, 2010 looks to be brighter as more organizations embrace policies, processes and metrics for moving forward.

    3. APP’s moved into the spotlight – in 2009 as IPhones, Google Droids and Blackberry’s users embraced the power of G3 broadband we witnessed many spectacular technology innovations. New solutions for just about every imaginable need that can be served through the internet are rapidly becoming available. This will be an exciting space to follow in 2010.

    Comment by Andrew Ballenthin | January 4, 2010 | Reply

  2. Insightful as always, Andrew. I’m personally interested in the move to apps and what that does for a technology consultant and consulting firm like ours. But from a Social Media perspective your point 2 – results (or lack of) should give us all some pause for thought. I’m going to raise it on tonight’s show.

    Comment by therealjimlove | January 4, 2010 | Reply

  3. Game changers in 2010 will be:

    (I know that’s not the question you asked)

    1. Company websites (static, outbound messages vs. conversation) may be surpassed by ancillary social contact

    2. Business services firms will benefit from increased visibility into the behaviour of prospects. Narrow niches will see greater returns than broad-based, more commoditized services.

    3. Reaching “influencers” around enterprise buying decisions rather than targeting only end-users may begin to shine the light on major account acquisition strategies rather than sales techniques.

    Catherine McQuaid, HUBBA,

    Comment by Catherine McQuaid | March 4, 2010 | Reply

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