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Love’s Links for Dec 21, 2009 – “Oh Christmas Tweet!”

Our first annual Christmas show! Allan posed the question:

What’s on your Social Media holiday gift list? What are you planning to give, and hoping to get, for the holidays? Google Goggles? An Android? Some cool new iPhone apps? A premium account to your favorite network, or even your own private network?

Janet Fouts was off on vacation in Disneyland.  Standing in for Janet was Catharine P. Taylor, a social media insider and commentator.  Catharine, Allan and Jim discussed Christmas and gift suggestions.

Allan has sent his Christmas list out using icontact

We discussed having fun with social media and restoring that sense of delight.  One piece of fun that we all had was with this holiday greating, where you can have President Obama star in your holiday greeting.   It’s a hoot.  And it’s not too late to send to your friends.

Catharine is working on a conference called OMMA Social 2010 Janet Fouts will also be speaking there.

Jim mentioned Ray McKenzie and the book The Relationship Based Enterprise

Catharine is looking at the Droid from Verizon as her next phone and a great gift.

Jim Love mentioned Aardvark – a service that answers questions from a community of experts.  We featured this on an earlier show.  Jim asked for input a few minutes prior to the show and got an answer back in a few minutes with a good suggestion.  Kimberly was the first responder who suggested as a source of great twitter tshirts.

Another of Jim’s picks came from a site called It was at this site that Jim found the iPhone stylus that you can use even when you are wearing gloves.  Next to the sonic screwdriver from Dr. Who (which Think Geek also sells) this is a pretty cool gadget.   It was also at where Jim found his favourite tshirts – there was one that will detect when you are in range of a wifi network, another that allows you to play the drums on the shirt and for the proudly socially inept the tshirt that says, “I Read Your T-Shirt – That’s enough social interaction for one day.”

Jim closed with a video that you can share with your friends.  Dewitt Jones from National Geographic has a great video which uses his beautiful pictures to challenge us to celebrate what is right with the world.  It’s inspirational and for those who are dismayed by the commercialism or for those just looking for a secular moment of hope at this time of year — this might be it.  It’s reality and not reality TV.  (thanks to Wallace Tait who sent this in)

The memorable line from Dewitt’s video is a quote from Michaelangelo – “I saw an angel in the stone and I carved to set it free.”  Dewitt does with his photography what Michaelangelo did with stone.  He finds the perfect image hiding there in plain sight, and he brings it forward for us to see.

Merry Christmas to all….


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