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Love’s Links – Nov 30th Show

Nov 30th –

Great show with Shelle Rose Charvet, author of Words That Change Minds and her new book, The Customer Is Bothering Me.

Just a reminder that if you missed this show you’ll kick yourself.  Well, you will until you realize that you can see replays at OR you can go to iTunes and subscribe to us as a podcast.  Just go the the iTunes store, check on podcasts and search for Game Changing!

BTW – not to be outdone, our own Janet Fouts has a book out as well called Social Media Success

Christmas shopping anyone?

The panel discussion had Janet’s item of the week.  She mentioned two sites:

  • Nutshell Mail – is Jim’s fave.  It instantly integrated my Twitter, Linked In and Facebook accounts and consolidated them.  I could specify the timing and it sends me an email 3 times a day with a summary of events.  Play around.  There’s even more there.
  • – – I didn’t get as much time to play with this one.  It only seems to amalgamate Twitter and Facebook.  I can’t live without my linked in.

Here’s the question.  Which of these two do you like better and why?  Add a comment to this post and let us know.

Onto Shelle – who is the sultan of “give it away and bring them in”.  Yes, you should buy her books and go to her workshops.  But she gives you an amazing amount of content in her websites.  Here’s some that she mentioned tonight:

Other references from the show.  Jim talked about  Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey A. Moore.  This is a must read for anyone trying to understand the adoption curve.  Remember to think about what the LAB profile is of the purchasers at each point in the adoption curve.  This is going to help you tailor your language to attract and motivate them.

Okay, that’s what I remember from tonight’s show.  Got a link that I missed?  Got a question that didn’t get answered? Just comment and we’ll get to it.

Or maybe you would like to suggest a topic or a person we should have on the show?  Just comment away.  We read them all.

Ah, come on.  Just leave some comments.  We love to hear from you and for those who read the LAB profile, we’re external in the context of our public writing.  We need the feedback.

Til next week.  Monday night at 8 pm/5 pm ET.  We’re already working on a great show for you!   Meetcha on the radio!


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