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Jan 4th – A Game Changing Social Media Strategy

It’s the new year and all that work you’ve done to evangelize about social media has finally paid off.  Remember that memo you sent your boss before the holidays?  She wants you to develop a plan and execute it.


You don’t even believe in social media, but your boss does.  You don’t know a tweet from a poke.  He’s been  listening to some radio show and now he’s come to you asked you to develop a strategy and execute it.


You know Social Media can benefit your company.   You’ve done some reading, and tried a few things.    But having a Linked In account is one thing – developing and implementing a real Social Media Strategy is another.


Your marketing budget got cut, but your revenue and sales quotas went up.  If somebody doesn’t find a way to make the marketing budget go further, there’s going to be some real cutbacks.  You’ve heard about Social Media as a strategic tool.  You want to make it work, but you don’t know how?

If you fit any of these descriptions, you probably have a lot of questions.  The first one is obvious.

What do you do? What questions should you be asking?   You know you need help.  But what help?

Don’t panic!  Help is on the way!

We’re going to give you a survival guide – to help you develop strategy to leverage social media to meet  your marketing goals in 2010!

Our guest is Janet Fouts, author, social media coach and regular Game Changing panelist.   On Monday, January 4th, Janet has agreed to sit in the “hot seat” and be interviewed by our panel of strategy, marketing and technology experts.   Here’s what we’ll be asking:

  • What do you need to know before you start?
  • How do you set meaningful goals?
  • Do you need a consultant?  How do you hire one?  (A good one)
  • How to identify the right networks?
  • What’s a social media listening tool and why should I care?
  • Metrics? What metrics?
  • Who’s going to do all this?  What resources will you need?
  • Efficiency and social media- (is that even possible?)

And any question YOU want to ask.   Our listeners can phone in, use our forum or simply tweet their  questions to us using the hashtag  #gamechanging.

Come and join Janet with fellow panelists Allan Hoving, Jim Love and our special guest, Catharine P. Taylor for a show that you don’t want to miss.  Monday, January 4, 2009 – 8 pm Eastern/5 pm Pacific   http://www/


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Game Changers of 2010 – Our First Annual Survey

What are the top 3 “game changers” of the past year? We’d love to get your opinion. Give us your vote. Give us your comments by clicking on the link below to take you to our first annual Game Changers survey.

Game Changers of 2010 – Pick Your Top 3

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Love’s Links for Dec 21, 2009 – “Oh Christmas Tweet!”

Our first annual Christmas show! Allan posed the question:

What’s on your Social Media holiday gift list? What are you planning to give, and hoping to get, for the holidays? Google Goggles? An Android? Some cool new iPhone apps? A premium account to your favorite network, or even your own private network?

Janet Fouts was off on vacation in Disneyland.  Standing in for Janet was Catharine P. Taylor, a social media insider and commentator.  Catharine, Allan and Jim discussed Christmas and gift suggestions.

Allan has sent his Christmas list out using icontact

We discussed having fun with social media and restoring that sense of delight.  One piece of fun that we all had was with this holiday greating, where you can have President Obama star in your holiday greeting.   It’s a hoot.  And it’s not too late to send to your friends.

Catharine is working on a conference called OMMA Social 2010 Janet Fouts will also be speaking there.

Jim mentioned Ray McKenzie and the book The Relationship Based Enterprise

Catharine is looking at the Droid from Verizon as her next phone and a great gift.

Jim Love mentioned Aardvark – a service that answers questions from a community of experts.  We featured this on an earlier show.  Jim asked for input a few minutes prior to the show and got an answer back in a few minutes with a good suggestion.  Kimberly was the first responder who suggested as a source of great twitter tshirts.

Another of Jim’s picks came from a site called It was at this site that Jim found the iPhone stylus that you can use even when you are wearing gloves.  Next to the sonic screwdriver from Dr. Who (which Think Geek also sells) this is a pretty cool gadget.   It was also at where Jim found his favourite tshirts – there was one that will detect when you are in range of a wifi network, another that allows you to play the drums on the shirt and for the proudly socially inept the tshirt that says, “I Read Your T-Shirt – That’s enough social interaction for one day.”

Jim closed with a video that you can share with your friends.  Dewitt Jones from National Geographic has a great video which uses his beautiful pictures to challenge us to celebrate what is right with the world.  It’s inspirational and for those who are dismayed by the commercialism or for those just looking for a secular moment of hope at this time of year — this might be it.  It’s reality and not reality TV.  (thanks to Wallace Tait who sent this in)

The memorable line from Dewitt’s video is a quote from Michaelangelo – “I saw an angel in the stone and I carved to set it free.”  Dewitt does with his photography what Michaelangelo did with stone.  He finds the perfect image hiding there in plain sight, and he brings it forward for us to see.

Merry Christmas to all….

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Love’s Links – December 14th 2009

What a show.  Janet Fouts started out with an very interesting pick of the week. lists itself as the best way to enjoy entertainment from the internet and computer on your tv.

One of the coolest things about Boxee is the way that it lets you recommend items and to see what your friends are watching and recommending.  We also found out that Janet’s early favourites included a lecture from Stanford.  Jim ‘s was the Lego Matrix.

Roger Martin was our guest and when you are done reading his book The Design of Business read what Business Week said about him.

Here’s my takeaway from tonight’s talk. Please add your own comments and even your questions.

We started with an understanding of the challenge that Roger’s book was trying to address.  If I got it right, that challenge is — many companies have developed an obsession with reliability.  New ideas have to be proven before they can be accepted. This proof inevitably requires some form of inductive or deductive logic and equally inevitably, calls on data from the past.  That only works if the future looks exactly like the past.

Roger described the Knowledge Funnel and how organizations can drive value by moving through the stages:

  • Mystery
  • Heuristic
  • Algorithm

There’s a great presentation that Roger made to the AIGA Design Conference where he covers this.

Roger’s description of the new form of logic that underlies his theory of Design Thinking references the work of Charles Sanders Peirce .  The link on this page will show you who he is, but if you want to know why we’ve never heard of him or abductive logic, you have to read Roger’s book.

Companies we talked about included Google,  Research In Motion (RIM)Herman Miller and in particular for Herman Miller, we talked about the Aeron chair. There’s a great video on the making of the Aeron on the Aeron page.

The Aeron discussion was fascinating to me.  If you read The Design of Business (and you should) you’ll find that the focus groups said terrible things about this chair, but Herman Miller persisted and released it anyway?  Why?  Roger Martin explained that near the end of our show.  Focus groups miss the point.  They aren’t there to tell designers how to solve the problem — they are there to tell designers what the problem is.   Herman Miller’s designers had spend hours talking to real people, observing real people and — if the video is any proof — really asking themselves about how they sat in chairs.  There’s a lesson in this.

If I don’t stop now, I’ll redo the whole interview.   You should listen to it if you can.  You can download the show at this and remember that it’s also a podcast.  Go to iTunes and search podcasts for GameChanging.

Read the Design of Business in print or as Alan Hoving did – order it for your Kindle.

That’s my links and insights.  By all means add your own links, insights and comments.  And we’ll see you next week!

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Love’s Links – December 7th Show

Great show tonight!   Our panel dealt with Jack Dorsey’s new venture Janet did a great little piece on them.    I found a great write up on them at PC World’s Business Centre

Our guest tonight was Craig Tomarkin.  Craig works as a data analyst for Acxiom.  It’s their site where Allan got the opening line, “You don’t even know I’m one of your best customers.”   The site is worth checking out even if only for that.

My takeways from tonight’s show:

  • You don’t negotiate with a computer. Craig talked about the way people will accept a price from a computer where they would try to negotiate with a person.
  • Let Your Customers Tell You Easily – Thumbs Up/Down or Heart/X  are two things that Craig likes on sites that help you listen to your customers.
  • Wish Lists – Great observation.  What is on a wish list and not purchased is too expensive for the customer.  Instead of offering a discount, find a cheaper alternative and suggest that.
  • Anchoring – where you get someone to think of a number and then to make an offer.  How high that offer will be is related to the number that they imagined.  Try it.  It also explains why you won’t drive across town to get 5% off on a $100 dollar product and save $5 — but you might drive across town to get 50% off a ten dollar product – with a saving of (you guessed it) – $5
  • Free – Craig maintained that free is so compelling that we will behave irrationally, especially when the offer is time based.  He cited the Halloween experiment where someone established a trading value of 3 candies for a large chocolate bar and 1 candy for a small bar.   Under these conditions, most chose the large bar as a bargain at a price of 3 candies.  When he changed the price and offered the same chocolate bars with the large one for 1 candy and the small one for free the dynamics changed and more chose the small bar that was free despite the bargain that the large bar was for only one candy.  The power of free.

Craig also is the founder of where you can find everything you wanted to know about baseball.

His book pick was Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariel.   Dan made mention of Allan Hoving as a resource that you want to know about if you are interested in what happens on Linked In.  Allan’s modesty keeps him from bragging, but he built one of the top groups on Linked In.

What were your links?  What were your takeaways?  Leave us a comment and let us — and others know.

As always, if you have comments or suggestions for a future show this is the place to let us know.

Enjoy — and see you next Monday night at 8 pm ET with another great pick from the web by Janet and another special game changing guest!

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There’s Nothing Square about the Square

What if you could swipe a credit card on your mobile phone to accept payments anywhere anytime? Accept signatures on your iPhone and have the receipt emailed to you? Toss your expensive and clunky credit card processors onto the junk heap and get digital. Accept payments from your friends, at trade shows or events, even donations to your cause. All with a digital paper trail and instant transactions. Buyers can even register with Square and have a photo display on the vendor’s screen to stave off fraud.

Is it safe?
According to Jack Dorsey, founder and creator of Square (he also founded Twitter) transactional data is is safely encrypted and even the phone number and mailing address in your profile will be safely stored remotely. Your card or personal info is never stored on the phone or the device itself.

Do you have to have an iPhone?
Nope, any device with an audio jack will work. Your mobile phone can process the transaction too.

What else?
When you create a square account some information will be recorded and can be passed on to the vendor. For example you could join a virtual frequent shoppers club. Square can track the sales for you. No more pesky punch cards.

Give a penny back
Square will donate a penny from each sale to a cause of your choice.

What does it cost?
So far it’s looking like it’s free. No monthly fees, no contracts, no hidden costs (says the web site). Even the device itself is free. Just like Twitter. How cool is that? Learn more and sign up for your own Square on their web site.

What do you think about the Square? We’re going to talk about it Monday Dec 14, 5 PM PST. on the Gamechanging show. Join us.

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Love’s Links – Nov 30th Show

Nov 30th –

Great show with Shelle Rose Charvet, author of Words That Change Minds and her new book, The Customer Is Bothering Me.

Just a reminder that if you missed this show you’ll kick yourself.  Well, you will until you realize that you can see replays at OR you can go to iTunes and subscribe to us as a podcast.  Just go the the iTunes store, check on podcasts and search for Game Changing!

BTW – not to be outdone, our own Janet Fouts has a book out as well called Social Media Success

Christmas shopping anyone?

The panel discussion had Janet’s item of the week.  She mentioned two sites:

  • Nutshell Mail – is Jim’s fave.  It instantly integrated my Twitter, Linked In and Facebook accounts and consolidated them.  I could specify the timing and it sends me an email 3 times a day with a summary of events.  Play around.  There’s even more there.
  • – – I didn’t get as much time to play with this one.  It only seems to amalgamate Twitter and Facebook.  I can’t live without my linked in.

Here’s the question.  Which of these two do you like better and why?  Add a comment to this post and let us know.

Onto Shelle – who is the sultan of “give it away and bring them in”.  Yes, you should buy her books and go to her workshops.  But she gives you an amazing amount of content in her websites.  Here’s some that she mentioned tonight:

Other references from the show.  Jim talked about  Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey A. Moore.  This is a must read for anyone trying to understand the adoption curve.  Remember to think about what the LAB profile is of the purchasers at each point in the adoption curve.  This is going to help you tailor your language to attract and motivate them.

Okay, that’s what I remember from tonight’s show.  Got a link that I missed?  Got a question that didn’t get answered? Just comment and we’ll get to it.

Or maybe you would like to suggest a topic or a person we should have on the show?  Just comment away.  We read them all.

Ah, come on.  Just leave some comments.  We love to hear from you and for those who read the LAB profile, we’re external in the context of our public writing.  We need the feedback.

Til next week.  Monday night at 8 pm/5 pm ET.  We’re already working on a great show for you!   Meetcha on the radio!

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So I lied. I’m going to catch “Lie to …

So I lied. I’m going to catch “Lie to me” and then I’ll come up and put the links on the site. See you in an hour. Fabulous show, Shelle! Thanks!

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