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Monday Nov 30th – We interview Shelle Ro…

Monday Nov 30th – We interview Shelle Rose Charvet – author of the best seller Words That Change Minds. Janet Fouts brings us a way that we can get control of our social networks. And of course there’s you — the audience. Don’t miss it. 8 pm ET/5 pm Pacific at


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Hey, you can get this plug in for your website and link others up to our show.

Or you can subscribe to the show as a pod cast on iTunes.  Go to the iTunes store and search for Game Changing

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Love’s Links – November 23rd

Janet’s pick this week focused on how we can use social media for giving with the whole idea of tweetsgiving. Check out these links: Check this out to find out about tweetsgiving and the whole idea of gratitude There is a video on this site that can only be described as uplifting.

Andrew Ballenthin’s blog is at

Catch us next week! 8 pm Eastern/5 pm Pacific.

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Monday Nov 23rd at 8:00 pm ET/ 5:00 pm P…

Monday Nov 23rd at 8:00 pm ET/ 5:00 pm Pacific – Join us for guest Andrew Ballenthin, creator of the Community Marketing Blog and the leading force behind Blog Off – a competition for bloggers.

And keep your Monday night free for November 30th as we interview author Shelle Rose Charvet Shelle is the author of the best seller, Words That Change Minds and she has a new book called The Customer Is Bothering Me.

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Love’s links from the November 16th show

I hope I caught them all.  If there’s something I missed, please let me know.

Janet Fouts mentioned three links in her Crowdsourcing segment.  Please check them out and give us your comments! is the Ask/Answer site that calls itself Aardvark is the site that allows you to ask very quick survey type questions is a more complex site, very interesting

I gave a shameless plug for my friend Andrew Ballenthin’s fabulous Community Marketing Blog at

Andrew is running his Blog Off II where you can compete to see if you are a Top Social Media Blogger.  Part of the prize package which they’ve had valued at $40,000  is an interview on GameChanging!

Our guest George Bradt can be found at the site – where you can also find his books “The New Leader’s 100 Day Action Plan” and “Onboarding”.   There’s a free summary available on his site.
George also mentioned the CEO Boot Camp that his firm runs for CEO Connection.  You can see that site at

Again, let me know if I missed any of the links that you heard during the show.  Don’t be afraid to leave your own links, questions and even comments.  We love hearing from you.
Till next week!

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Episode 4 (Nov 16) Crowdsourcing Q&A and George Bradt, CEO Connection

Crowsdsourcing Q&A is the subject this week for our expert panel.

Our guest is George Bradt, who offers a unique perspective on transformational leadership based on his own senior line management and his global consulting experience.  George is a Principal of the CEO Connection and Managing Director of PrimeGenesis, the executive onboarding and transition acceleration group he founded in 2002.  Since then, George and PrimeGenesis have reduced the risk of failure for executives that they have worked moving into new roles — from 40% to 10% – based on their own team, tools and perspective on delivering better results faster.   He has written three books on the subject, including the The New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan: How to Take Charge, Build Your Team, and Get Immediate Results(for hiring managers). George is eager to share his ideas with us.

Join us Monday, November 16 at 8 pm ET/5 pm Pacific at

PS – Want to hang out with us between shows? We’re in Linked In – Hubba Social Media Consultants group. To find our individual web-sites, check in our bios over on the right.

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We talked about the new Droid phone on the last show and it’s been amazing to watch the hub-bub over this new entry into the market. A lot of it really isn’t over the phone at all,no matter how cool it is, but the rivalry between ATT and Verizon. We all knew Verizon wasn’t getting the iPhone when they started the negative anti-iPhone ads but who knew they were coming up with another “iPhone killer”?

I’m pretty sure it’s not an iPhone killer, but I hope it wakes ATT up that people are thinking of migrating for the network and even the iPhone can’t hold them back.
Here’s a comparison video of the phones and speed.

Do you have an iPhone? Coveting the new Droid or the Verizon network? Let’s hear it.

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Olympic blogging?

Are you a top social media/marketing blogger?  If you are — or know someone who is — Andrew Ballenthin is looking for you.

His Community Marketing Blog is holding Blog-Off II.  The Blog-Off brings talented bloggers together in a friendly but serious competition.  Andrew has lined up an all star panel of judges and is offering some amazing prizes.  One of those prizes will be a featured interview right here on GameChanging – our BlogTalkRadio show!

Andrew is one of the most innovative marketing guys you will ever meet. His initial Blog Off was not only a lot of fun, but the community that he started with it has really hung together. Now he’s got his sites set on a much bigger competition called Blog Off II.

Check this out at Community Marketing Blog and watch for Andrew as guest on our November 23rd show.  As well as being one of the most interesting marketing bloggers out there right now, he’s also the author of a new book called Stop Chasing Chickens: Start Making Money from Social Media (a book on monetizing social media from a marketing perspective)

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Nov 9th Show – Links and Notes

Great show this week.  Some of the things that we talked about on the show:

Big news was the introduction of the Droid by Verizon Wireless.   No, it’s not R2D2 – it’s a new smart phone from Motorola.

Our guest this evening was Rakesh Antala, CEO of Crederity

Honorable mention tonight – we talked about Jim Carrey being one of the early adopters.   See Crederity in action on his twitter account at

Not mentioned on the show, but worth a look is Jim Carrey’s website at

Carrey’s site is an epic that brings back memories of Monty Python.  It’s well work checking out. Allan Hoving said he’s spent hours on this site.  If he’s not off in time for our editorial meeting for next week’s show we may have to do an intervention.

Jim Love made mention of Metcalfe’s Law.  He also talked about the recent Facebook Virus Alert

Andrew Jenkins from our Linked In group Hubba Social Media Consultants dropped in.  Andrew has a neat little piece on his website with some good comments on using Social Media.   Check it out.  You never know who is going to turn up from our audience.    Hey, next week it could be you!

Janet Fouts talked about links and Twitter.  Andrew Jenkins noted that TweetDeck lets you check out links on Twitter.

Speaking of Janet – check out her blog at    Great little piece there on Thesis – the WordPress theme.  There’s a short video there which shows the power this new theme to do custom designs.  If you don’t know about WordPress and what it can do, you need to check this out.

Not related to the show at all, but I just had to note it — Mashable is reporting that the twitter sensation S**t My Dad Says Gets CBS Deal.  Here’s proof that you can indeed make money in social media, if you want to be truly innovative and entertaining.

What did I miss?  And don’t let broken links break your heart.  Leave us a comment and we’ll add it or fix it.

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Episode 3 guest: CEO of

Rakesh Antala is Co-Founder and CEO of Crederity, a unique digital
identity and credential verification platform. Rakesh previously
worked with the Alcatel Lucent Wireless R&D Division where he won the
Bell Labs team awards for “Innovation and Technology” and “Tools and
Best Practices”. He attended the Wharton School of Business, where
Crederity was conceived and incubated, and has been involved with
several other technology startups. Rakesh is an active member of the
Wharton Club of New Jersey’s Entrepreneurs Circle, and the Society of
Human Resource Management

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