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Monday at 8 – Alan Meckler, CEO of WebMediaBrands. Our expert panel weighs in on Google’s Social Search. All that and you to

Social search – Our expert panel looks at Google’s Social Search as an industry giant tries makes its big move into the social networking arena.

Our featured interview is with Alan Meckler, Chairman and CEO of WebMediaBrands, owner of such “gamechanging” online properties as MediaBistro and Alan  founded Mecklermedia in 1971 and published Internet World as well as a number of other ground breaking magazines. By the 1990s, he owned — and over the next 15 years, his startups and acquisitions have included SearchEngineWatch and JupiterImages. He blogs regularly at

We’re not sure what we’re more looking forward to — hearing Alan’s thoughts about social media or finding out what he might do next.  Join us – we’ll ask him about both.

Three’s a community – The third part of our show is where we open up to our listeners.  Ask questions, weigh in with your opinions.  Join us as we put the social back in social media with our community forum.

Showtime…Monday, November 2nd at 8 p.m. Eastern, 5 p.m. Pacific at


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Great inaugural Gamechanging live podcas…

Great inaugural Gamechanging live podcast Q&A with Doc Searls on BlogTalkRadio last night. You can listen on demand at

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What do you call SPAM in social media?

If you come to the show, you’ll hear my rant about the new SPAM in social media.  We know what it is.  My question is – what do we call it and what can we do about it?

Oct 29th – Thursday after the show….

I was popping around when I should have been working and saw tidyTWEET – a spam and clutter filter for twitter.  I haven’t checked it out yet.  I’ll do that when I get some time.  But if any of you want to check it and get back to me, all the listeners will appreciate it, I’m sure.

Or let me know of any other spam filters you’ve found for social media.

In the spirit of Doc’s idea that in the VRM world we should be able to put our needs out on the web and have someone find them and fill them, here’s my dream.  I’d love a spam filter that caught all those linked in requests that ask me to recommend people that I barely know, or in some cases, people I know but really don’t want to recommend.  More on that at a later time….

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We’re happy to announce that the guest …

We’re happy to announce that the guest on our inaugural BlogTalkRadio podcast this Monday (10/26) at 8 pm Eastern will be Doc Searls, coauthor of “The Cluetrain Manifesto.” He’ll be telling us all about his latest gamechanging Project VRM. Join the conversation at

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play the innovation card

As Malcolm Gladwell notes in his article in The New Yorker’s recent Innovation Issue, David beats Goliath when David changes the rules.

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Game Changing

As fresh faced little kids we were all told … “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.” Then we went out there and found out it really did matter.

More than that, we found out that life wasn’t always fair. You didn’t always get the breaks. Sometimes the game didn’t go your way.

There’s a lot of things in life you can’t change. You can always change the game.

We’re fascinated by people, ideas and events that do just that – change the game.

Join us every Monday night at 5 pm Pacific/8 pm Eastern and prepare to look at business, collaboration and the real time internet in a totally new way.

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